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Dangerous Toxins

  1. Lilies (Easter, day, tiger, stargazer, asiatic, oriental) = vomiting, kidney failure, death

  2. Anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) = sedation, kidney failure, death

  3. Anti-inflammatory pain medications (Advil=ibuprofen, Aleve=naproxen, Rimadyl=carprofen, Deramax=deracoxib) = vomiting, kidney failure

  4. Tylenol (acetaminophen) = swelling of the paws/face, anemia, labored breathing, death

  5. Permethrin flea products = drooling, tremors, seizures

  6. Strings, rubber bands = vomiting, intestinal blockage/perforation

  7. Cleaning products/laundry detergents = vomiting, oral and stomach ulcers

  8. Liquid potpourri =  vomiting, oral and stomach ulcers

  9. Sago palm (cycad palm) = Vomiting, liver damage/jaundice, death

  10. Mouse/rat poison (anti-coagulant type: warfarin,brodificoum, bromadialone, diphacinone) = internal bleeding (lungs, abdomen, joints), death

  11. Fleet enemas (phosphorous containing) =  Depression, tremors, coma

  12. Garlic/onions =  anemia, rash, asthma attack

  13. Rogaine (minoxidil) =  fluid filled lungs (pulmonary edema), death