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Wendy - Stump Pyometra

Category: Case Studies

Wendy first came to CARE through our emergency department after her owners noticed she was acting painful and urinating inappropriately.  She is a nine-month old spayed domestic medium hair cat.  Radiographs revealed she could possibly have a stump pyometra, when part of the uterus is still intact after being spayed.  Wendy was transferred to our internal medicine department where an abdominal ultrasound was performed.  The findings were consistent with a fluid filled uterus and stump pyometra.  From here, our surgery department performed an abdominal exploratory surgery.  The surgery revealed no left kidney or ureter and ovarian remnants.  The remnants were removed and tissue samples from the cervix were submitted for culture and biopsy. 

 Wendy is currently recovering at CARE as we await her biopsy and culutre results.  Wendy will most likely go home today to continue her recovery process with her family.  

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