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Beck - Foreign Body Removal

Category: Case Studies

Meet Beck, a five year old male Domestic Short Hair (DSH).  He came in through the ER over the weekend after his family noticed he wasn't eating or drinking.  Radiographs revealed a foreign body located in his upper GI tract.  Dr. Phillips was able to successfully endoscope the pieces of fabric, believed to be underwear, out of Beck without surgical intervention.  Endoscopy is a valuable tool to safely remove esophageal and gastric foreign bodies with minimal invasiveness.  In certain cases, surgery is needed to aid in the removal of foreign bodies and the recovery process can be much longer.  Beck recovered very well from his procedure.  He gets to go home today and return to normal activity.  We're so happy to be able to help Beck!

Radiograph showing the foreign body in Beck's upper GI tract.   



Beck with Dani, one' of our technician assistant's!