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Malcolm - Foreign Body

Category: Case Studies

Malcolm, a 20 week old Domestic Short-Haired feline, presented to CARE through our Internal Medicine Department after receiving his vaccinations a few days prior.  He was vomiting grass like material and would not eat.  Upon presentation, there was concern for foreign material in his stomach.  Malcolm's first set of radiographs revealed foreign material within his GI tract, a possible partial mechanical small bowel obstruction and borderline hepatosplenomegaly.  He stayed the night for observation and received medications. 

Malcolm did not vomit overnight and had an uneventful night.  A second round of radiographs were taken and submitted for review.  There was no longer any evidence of an obstruction.  He was offered food, which was gladly accepted!  There was no further vomiting and Malcolm was discharged to his family where they will provide follow-up care of nausea/antacid medications and a gradual reintroduction of his normal diet.  The combination of hospitalization and with-holding food allowed the foreign material to pass on its own.  This prevented Malcolm from having to go through procedures and/or surgery and saved his family a lot of money, time and stress!  We are so happy that Malcolm is able to go home to his family.