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Let's Talk Turkey

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Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all busy getting prepared for family, friends and food.  During the hype of the holidays, we need to keep in mind that our pets may not understand whats going on.  Here are some helpful hints to keep them safe and calm this turkey day.

  • Educate your guests on the do's and don'ts specific to your pet.  Some of them may not know that Bowser doesn't like to be around a lot of people or that Whiskers doesn't like to be picked.
  • Provide your pet with a "safe place" away from the crowd.  They may need to escape here if everything gets too overwhelming for them.
  • Keep your trash cans out of reach.  While you are busy cooking and entertaining, they may want to go exploring for a snack in the kitchen trash can.  Try to avoid throwing aluminum foil and plastic wrap into trash cans that may be accessible to them.

Some foods to avoid include:

  • Turkey - fat content and other spices/marinades can lead to digest and risk of pancreatitis
  • Nuts - especially macadamia and walnuts, can cause a toxic reactions and possibly lead to deadly shock
  • Bones - can splinter inside their digestive tract causing major issues that could lead to needing surgery
  • Alcohol - can be toxic and cause GI upset
  • Chocolate, dough and batter - toxic and can lead to GI upset and possible salmonella
  • Onions/Garlic - Onions can damage their red blood cells and garlic is toxic; both of which can lead to anemia
  • Grapes/raisins - can cause irreversible kidney damage

Some foods to serve include:

  • Sweet potatoes - without sugar or seasoning/butter
  • Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Sprouts

CARE wishes you are your loved ones a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Should you need emergency service, we are open 24/7, 365.  Call 301.662.2273