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Koa - Foreign body removal

Category: Case Studies

This sweet girl is Koa, a six-month old golden retriever.  She came to us because of a decreased appetite and vomiting.  Radiographs showed a large amount of material in her stomach.  Vomiting was induced because of this.  Cherry pits and bacon were among the contents.  Radiographs were taken again after Koa vomited and revealed there was still material left in her stomach.  Her owners thought it may have been a golf ball.  She stayed overnight for supportive care and transferred to our internal medicine department.  An endoscopy was performed under anesthesia where three objects were removed from her pyloric area.  She recovered from anesthesia well and was able to go home that day.  Koa was lucky the endoscopy was able to help her because this is a non-invasive procedure with minimal recovery time.  We wish her the best and hope she has gotten the curiosity out of her system!


The contents of Koa's stomach removed via endoscope:


Koa is a happy girl after!