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Itty Bitty - Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (VBO)

Category: Case Studies

Itty Bitty is a one year old Domestic Short Hair cat who came to us after her owner noticed she was tilting her head to the right.  Prior to her visit with CARE, she consulted with two primary care veterinarians.  Diagnostics were run and all returned normal.  Upon physical examination, it was noted that her ears were filled with purulent discharge.  A scope was then performed which revealed a possible polyp on the right side. 

Itty Bitty then consulted with Dr. Gellasch, one of our board certified surgeons.  A CT scan was recommended and performed.  This revealed otitis media of the right ear and evidence of mucous and or tissue in the right nasopharynx.  Dr. Gellasch then performed a ventral bullae osteotomy (VBO) which revealed inflammatory tissue, which was biopsied, and purulent material that was sent out for culture.  The culture came back negative however the biopsy was consistent with a polyp. 

Post-surgery, Itty Bitty did well recovering at home.  However, she did develop Horner’s Syndrome, which will cause the eyelid to droop.  About 80% of cats will develop Horner’s Syndrome post VBO.  Horner’s Syndrome will generally resolve in the weeks after surgery, which was the case for Itty Bitty.  Her mom was nice enough to send us updates and pictures of Itty Bitty, who, as you can tell, is doing very well!  We are so happy to have been able to help her and get her back to her family.


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