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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the delivery of 100% oxygen under pressure. This process literally accelerates the healing process. HBOT has rapidly grown from being used only in the treatment of SCUBA divers with decompression illness (“the bends”) to a large number of clinical applications throughout the world – including within veterinary medicine. There are now thousands of human healing centers offering HBOT – and a small but rapidly growing number of veterinary practices – in the US. CARE is proud to be the only animal health hospital in the state of Maryland offering HBOT.


HBOT can help treat:

* Central Nervous System trauma, diseases and conditions 

* Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries 

* Cardiovascular conditions 

* Infectious diseases 

* Respiratory conditions 

* Trauma wounds such as burns and envenomation


Already we have treated multiple envenomation cases along with wound care.  Most notably was Carson, a four-year-old Whippet who got into a dogfight with his housemate. He came to CARE for overnight monitoring where his wounds were cleaned, he was placed on antibiotics, and then transferred to our surgery department. There were multiple bite wounds and punctures around his neck and right elbow. The underside of his neck was swollen as well as his right ear. Radiographs also revealed concern for an esophageal tear/tracheal tear. 


Following wound care, Carson underwent his first of three HBOT treatments to help expedite healing. He was hospitalized for overnight pain management and supportive care. There was a notable decrease in swelling and drainage after his second HBOT treatment. Carson was able to go home that day. He returned the next day for his third HBOT treatment. The veterinary specialists at CARE were extremely pleased with the decrease in swelling and Carson’s overall change in mood. He was much more alert, happy, and responsive compared to his first day. 


Importantly, had HBOT not been available, Carson’s healing would have been prolonged and he would have needed more extensive surgeries, bandage changes and possibly a feeding tube. HBOT’s ability to deliver more concentrated oxygen decreased inflammation, promoted blood flow, and in conjunction with certain antibiotics, decreased his risk of infection. He was also able to keep more of his own skin. Without HBOT, the affected area would have had far more dead tissue, requiring more surgery and a longer recovery. Thanks to HBOT, he was able to eat within a few days of injury and overall gain a better quality of life when compared to treatment that does not include HBOT.


Clinically documented, safe, and affordable, companion animals throughout the region now have the option of using this revolutionary technology when needed.