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Gravity - Tibia /fibula fracture

Category: Case Studies

Gravity is a one year Rhodesian Ridgeback who came through our ER department over the weekend.  He had been camping with his owners when he ran down an embankment and they suddenly heard him yelp in pain.  He was non-weight bearing on his left hind limb.  Radiographs revealed a tibia/fibula fracture along with displacement.  Our emergency doctor splinted his leg and monitored his status.  The following week he came in for a surgery consult where they decided to repair his fracture and prevent further displacement via surgery.  He is currently in post-operative pain management and care.  He will likely go home today on activity restriction and follow-up with radiographs in a couple of weeks.  We wish this handsome boy a speedy recovery so he can get back to doing the things he loves!