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Grady - Anemia

Category: Case Studies

Grady is a six year old Birman cat who came in as an urgent internal medicine consult.  He suddenly became lethargic and reluctant to walk.  His owners noticed he wasn’t eating as much over the past couple of weeks.  His primary care veterinarian notated anemia and referred him to us for further diagnostics.  Grady also has a history of heart disease, diagnosed in February by CVCA.  Radiographs were performed and revealed rounded cardiomegaly (an enlarged heart) and a congested/widened caudal vena cava along with a piece of wire in his GI tract.  An abdominal ultrasound revealed marked venous congestion in his liver.  He was hospitalized and placed on gastric protectant medications and cardiac medications. 

Grady was monitored over night with follow up diagnostics.  The foreign body seemed to be passing on its own, however repeat bloodwork revealed more profound anemia.  Grady is blood type-B, which is very rare in cats.  The blood required for a transfusion needed to be special ordered and arrived the next day.  The transfusion was given over the next few days and he seemed to respond well to this, even eating more.  He is currently boarding with us while his family is out of town.  We are happy he is doing much better and we know he can’t wait to see his family!