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Ally - Tongue Strangulation

Category: Case Studies

Ally is a 12 year old Domestic Short Haired cat who presented through our emergency department for oral masses and excessive drooling.  She became inappetent and lethargic.  Ally stayed for overnight care and transferred to Dr. McConnell, internal medicine.  An oral exam found the front half of her tongue to be gray and discolored.  Ally underwent anesthesia and a further oral examination revealed the tongue to be strangulated with several clear nylon fibers.  The fibers were cut and her tongue began to regain color almost immediately.  A feeding tube was also placed to assist with nutritional and fluid support. 

Ally did well over the next few days and her tongue seemed to be rapidly healing.  She continued with the feeding tube and antibiotics.  Ally’s mom came in to learn about feeding tube maintenance as well as what to feed her.  When here for her one week recheck, Ally’s mom reported she was doing very well at home and beginning to eat small amounts of food orally.  She had a clean recheck with notable healing and normal motions of the tongue.  Ally will return to us in about two weeks to remove her feeding tube.  We are so happy to report she is doing well!