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Abby - Medication toxicity

Category: Case Studies

Abby is a four-year-old Dachshund mix who presented to the Emergency department over the weekend after she ingested 60-100 tablets of 200mg ibuprofen.  NSAID toxicity can cause gastrointestinal problems which become evident 12 hours to five days after ingestion.  Renal failure can be seen within 24 hours and up to five days after ingestion as well as CNS/depression.  Poison control was immediately called while the doctor attempted to induce vomiting.  Abby did not vomit and an IV catheter was placed to help provide fluids.


Her bloodwork revealed hyperglycemia, mild hypophosphatemia and a mild elevation in lipase.  Medications were then administered to help treat and improve these values.  Abby was admitted overnight to induce vomiting and monitor her laboratory values.  She was able to vomit three times throughout the night, which appeared to be normal.  Abby then transferred to the Internal Medicine department for continued treatment. 


Additional diagnostics revealed Abby to have elevated PCV/TS, hyperglycemic, hypophosphatemia, mild hypokalemia and an elevation in lipase.  Throughout the day she remained on fluids and her labwork was monitored until they reached normal levels.  Abby was able to go home to her family with high energy and an appetite!